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About Us


Beth Indyk, owner of Herb n Spice, has over 20 years experience in the food business. Over the years, she has created unique menus and unusual dishes. A former partner of Gourmet Galaxy, in West Orange, NJ, she has built a reputation for kosher gourmet food at affordable prices. 

When Beth decided to open Herb n Spice, she wanted to create an experience that would set her business apart from most other catering operations. She drew on her passion for healthy, fresh food to create menus that were different from most of what was offered on the market.

Beth wants every guest at an event she caters to feel good about the food they eat, in addition to enjoying the flavors and quality. She delights in preparing a bounty of healthy dishes that are beautiful to behold. Eating well never tasted so delicious!

Beth and her staff work hard to make every event a memorable one. Their customer service is detailed and caring. Her clients over the years are passionate and loyal, and return over and over again.


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