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Shiva Dinners

minimum order - 5 people

Choose sides, entrée and dessert

Sides Pick 3:

  •       Coleslaw
  •       Green Salad
  •       Basmati Rice
  •       Roasted Vegetables
  •       Butternut Squash on a bed of couscous with sautéed onions, craisins, nuts & herbs

        Entrées Pick 1:


     Oven roasted turkey wraps with coleslaw & Russian dressing


     Grilled balsamic chicken -- wraps or cutlets


     Salmon with lemon & fresh herbs

Dessert Pick 1:

  •      Assorted pick ups: cookies, ruggelach, & mandel bread
  •      Fruit Platter of fresh in season fruit

Price PER PERSON includes 3 sides,

1 entrée & choice of dessert plus local delivery (Essex County only)

All food will be plattered unless requested otherwise

Glatt Kosher, Va’ad of Metrowest Supervision

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